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Creating Analytics by Asset/Asset Class

Steps to Create Analytics by Asset/Asset Class

  1. Navigate to the Analytics tile on the Dashboard.
  2. Select Create (located directly to the right of the search bar) to access the Analytics page.
  3. Use the Report Title and Description fields to assign a name to the new analytic.
  4. Use the various fields within the Appearance drop-down tab to format the new chart.
  5. The Chart Type can be modified using the designated drop-down menu
  6. The graph dimensions can be adjusted in the Width and Height fields.
  7. Axis labels and the number of Gridlines can also be specified in the appropriate fields.
  8. The Filter drop-down tab is used to select the desired Asset Class.
  9. Within the Data drop-down tab, specify the time frame, the desired workflow (i.e. In Service Oil Sample or Sample Results), and the specific workflow field in the corresponding labeled fields.
  10. Use the Grouping drop-down tab to specify the data grouping and aggregation.
  11. Once all desired information has been specified, verify that the Active box at the top of the page is checked,
  12. Select the Save at the bottom of the page.

Analytics - Create
Analytics - Appearance - Filter - Asset Class
Analytics - Report - Asset Class
Analytics - Filter - Workflow - Grouping

Analytics - Save

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