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Creating Accounts

Steps to Create Accounts

  1. Navigate to the Accounts tile.
  2. Select Create to create a new account.
    The Create button, located in the upper right of the Account Search page.
  3. Enter the information in each tab:
    The Business Lines tab, the first step in creating an account.

    1. Business Lines — Select Business Line.  Additionally select Sector and Subsector if required.
    2. Account Information — Enter Account Name, Parent Account if applicable, and address and phone information. NOTE: A maximum of 6 recursive levels of parents/subaccounts can be created.
    3. Select Users — Add users to the account. Search for users with the Quick Search or Advanced Search.  Select individual users in the search results or click Add All.
  4. Click Save to finish creating the account.


  • Accounts can also be created using the import/export feature (refer to Importing Accounts).
  • ERP information is verified in the ERP Information panel of the Account Details page.
  • The user creating the new account is automatically added as a user.
  • If the business line is Inland-Coastal Marine and no vessel is being used, it will need to have an email address associated with it.

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