Exporting the Accounts from specific users:

  1. Click the Users tile

  2. Click the link on the right side of the screen for Advanced to access Advanced search.

    1. On the left side, click the pull-down and select Email for the first field.

    2. Click the middle pull-down menu and select equal.

    3. Paste the user’s email address in the open field.

    4. On the right-side, click +Add rule.

    5. Select the same pull-downs in the second line, but paste the second user’s email in the open field on that line.

    6. Click the blue search button.

  3. Both users should show in the search results below.

  4. Now, click the pull-down next to Create and you will see an option to Export. Click Export.

  5. You will see a prompt: “Are you sure you want to export these 2 users displayed in your search results?”

  6. Click Submit, and you will then see this:

  7. You will receive an email with the excel document attached.

  8. An excel file will download to your downloads folder.

  9. Open the excel document to view the users and various attributes associated with those users.

  10. Look for the Accounts column and expand the cell so you can see all of the accounts listed. We recommend using the Word Wrap formatting within excel for this.

  11. In order to duplicate the accounts from one user to the other:

    1. Select all contents within the cell corresponding to the Accounts column for the first user.

    2. Copy it (Ctrl+C on your keyboard)

    3. Select in the cell corresponding to the second user

    4. Expand the second user’s cell so you can see all the contents (also using word wrap formatting if applicable).

    5. Move the cursor after the last account in the list.

    6. Enter a space followed by a pipe (Shift + \ ) and an additional space. This should look like this “ | “ without the quotation marks.

    7. Click paste after the last space.

    8. Save the excel document.

  12. You will need to remove any duplicate accounts that already appear in the destination cell.

IMPORTANT: If there are any duplicate accounts in the Accounts field for the user that is being updated, the upload will fail.

Re-importing the users back into Mobil Serv

  1. Click the Users tile.

  2. On the right side of the screen next to the Create button, there is a pull down menu. Click the pull down, and click Import.

  3. The screen below will appear.

    Note: Since you already have an excel document in the proper formatting, you will not need to download a blank template.

  4. Click the Browse button, and locate the excel document you were editing.

  5. Select the appropriate file, and click Open.

  6. That should bring you back to the “Import users from a xlsx” screen from step 3. You should now be able to click the Upload button to begin the upload.

  7. You should see the following message:

  8. You should receive an email once your upload is complete.

  9. Check the user profiles to make sure the account list looks the way it should.