• Follow-up on alert or caution sample result to assess and perform corrective action on an Asset. 

  • Define a user(s) to receive triggered work orders with in MSLA based on the sample status of an Asset

Quick Steps:

  1. Asset setup 

  2. Sample

  3. Sample Results Received

  4. Triggered Work Order Created and Assigned to Specified User

  5. Complete work order

Detailed Steps

1. Asset Setup

From the Assets Tile, select an Asset and click Edit

1.Set the desired report status trigger – caution and/or alert

Note: A follow-up work order is created when the selected report status is received

2.Select an active user associated with the asset to receive notification of this follow-up work order

Notes: assigned user is a required field

Email field – begin typing and smart search will display users who have access to complete work on this asset

Work order may be assigned to more than one user 

2. Sample asset per scheduled interval and register sample via Scan and Go

3. Sample Result - receive sample results according to user preferences

4. Triggered Work Order Created- reported result of caution or alert

Sample Result is Caution / Alert (on an asset that has been set up as in step 1)

Asset review Work Order is created and assigned to the defined users(s) - Timeline entry created on asset

Work Order email is sent to assigned user(s)

5.Complete Work Order

Triggered work order appears on the Asset as due

“Asset Review – Caution Sample”

“Asset Review – Alert Sample”

Click “Asset Review…” to go directly to the work order and complete the follow-up 

*Click the gear icon to review the work order details

Completed work will appear on

  • Asset’s Work History
  • Work Order Timeline
  • Asset Timeline
  • Sample Timeline on the sample report