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Caution/Alert Result Triggered Work Orders

  • Follow-up on alert or caution sample results to assess and perform corrective action on an asset with an automatically generated work order. 

  • Define the users to receive triggered work orders with in MSLA based on the sample status of an Asset

The end to end process of configuring an asset to create review work orders to completing those work orders.

Detailed Steps to Configuring Asset Review Work Orders

  1. From the Asset Search page, select an asset and select Edit
    1. Set the desired report status that should trigger a work order trigger – caution and/or alert.
    2. Select one or more active users associated with the asset to receive notification of this follow-up work order.
      The settings on your asset to configure it for review work orders.
  2. Sample your asset through your normal process.
  3. When you receive your sample results, a triggered work order is created if the reported result is caution or alert depending on your asset's settings and assigned to the defined users.
    1. Work Order email is sent to assigned users if they are configured to receive work order emails.
    2. Triggered work order appears on the Asset as due.
  4. Select the Asset Review work order to go directly to the work order and complete your review.
    The Asset Review work order on your asset's Asset Details.

Completed work will appear on:

  • The Work History section of your asset.
  • The timeline on the work order's Work Order Details.
  • Your asset timeline.
  • The timeline on your sample report.

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