The units are “registered” while at the instrument manufacturer. This process results in the installation of a unique system key on a unit. It is initiated from the unit and MobilServ generates and returns a unique key associated with the serial number. The key is stored on the unit.  This is a secure process that requires special credentials only available at the manufacturer.

“Deployment” is performed on a vessel or at DSI. This involves running a script on the unit. The script performs a complicated process. Successful deployment has five results:

  1. The unit becomes associated (by serial number) with a specific vessel.

  2. The unit network is re-configured for a specific vessel.

  3. The unit calculates a shutdown date and stores it on the unit.

  4. The unit sends the shutdown date to MobilServ (shows in MobilServ CCM Instrument List.)

  5. The unit is set to run the x-ray safety training session after reboot.

To “pre-deploy” units for off-line mode, this can be done, but the “shutdown” date will need to be changed if the unit will be installed more than 10 days after deployment.

Shutdown date = deployment date + 3 years + 10 days