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CCM Email Notifications & Shutdowns

Email reminders and notifications for CCM are handled via Stakeholders. These are individual email addresses assigned to an account. Each stakeholder receives email reminders and notifications for activities on an account.


Kill Timer

A kill timer in the instrument is started and set to expire. This is set by XOS (the instrument manufacturer) and typically is around 36 months from the date the instrument is activated. However, this may vary. As of March 2022, the current interval XOS sets is 3 years + 10 days after the instrument is first activated. The instrument will display a warning at 9 months, 6 months, 3 months, and every week in the final month prior to the instrument shutdown.

MSLA will also send notifications at this same frequency to the account stakeholders associated with the instrument.

Emails sent by the system:

  1. 9-month warning

  2. 6-month warning

  3. 3-month warning

  4. weekly warning

  5. final shutdown

Note: If CCM wants to have the instrument lease extended or renewed, CCM will need to manually reach out to XOS renew them.

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