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Batch Sample Reporting

The batch sample report summary option located in the default sample report settings.

The batch sample report summary option located in the default sample report settings.

Summary: In the User Details screen, users can update default sample report settings.

One option is to get multiple sample reports that were registered for one account on the same day in an email summary if the user chooses Per account for each Batch of Samples.

Please note the following about Batch Sample Reporting:

  • The batch sample summary will be sent immediately once the lab has posted results for all reports and they are in a ‘Reported’ status​.

  • Any sample reports in “Registered” status will delay receiving the batch sample summary until all reports are in “Reported” status.​

  • If 14 days have passed and any of the reports are still in “Registered” status, the Registered report will be omitted, and the batch sample summary will be sent.

An update was recently released that allows the logic to use a 48-hour window of time (previously referred to as a 24-hour “lab day”) for the batch sample reports to be sent. This means the batch sample report will include 2 days worth of sample reports in the summary that is emailed.

Via the engineering playbook:

A “batch of samples” is the total number of samples received by a lab within the new 48-hour lab intervals for one account (note: all results include the “Delete Sample” case available to the lab). Each lab will have its “lab-day” persisted in the database that defines the lab’s optimum 24/48-hour period start time. For example, for a given lab, the best UTC day start may be 3:00 AM rather than midnight. This will define the 48-hour period when a batch is determined for a given account.

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