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Adding a Logo to an Account

A recent release included the requirement for Inland+Coastal business lines to have a logo on their account.

Ideal dimensions for an account icon: To fit the template, the picture should ideally be 1280x420 (roughly a 3:1 ratio of width-to-height)

Please note the instructions below are for a Windows PC. To do this on a Mac or other operating system, the instructions will be the same up to step 10. After that, the operating system interface will vary.

To add an icon to an account, please complete the following:

  1. Open Mobil Serv.

  2. Click the Accounts Tile.

    MSLA Dashboard 'Asset Tile'

  3. Search for the account that needs to have a logo added.

    Search Account

  4. Click the tile for that account.

  5. On the Account Details screen, click the edit button in the main account name tile. It will be a blue pencil icon in the upper right corner of that tile.

    Account Details 'Edit'

  6. The Update Account Information window will appear:

    Update Account Information

  7. Mouse over the blank image above where it says, “Account Name”. The rectangular blank image will turn a few shades darker and show a pencil icon in the middle of it. Click in the dark area near the pencil icon.

    Update Account Information

  8. The next screen that appears will show an adjustment slider underneath a blank rectangle. Click the Change Photo button underneath the slider.

    Update Account Photo 'Change Photo'

  9. A Windows Explorer window will appear. Navigate to the location on your computer where the image is located. Select the image and click Open.

  10. The photo you have selected will now appear in the rectangle that was formerly blank. Use the slider to adjust how large the picture appears within the rectangle. Click and drag the middle of the image to adjust how it shows in that rectangle. Note: The only visible area on the account page will be the area that is highlighted. The darker rectangle around that area will be trimmed when the picture is applied.

    Update Account Photo 'Apply Changes'

  11. Click Apply Changes.

  12. The new icon will now appear at the top of the Update Account Information window. If it looks okay, click Save. If it needs to be adjusted again, mouse over the logo and click the pencil icon once more.

    Update Account Information 'Save'
  13. The account will now show the new image on the Account Details screen.

Dog Using Laptop Computer. Public Domain Bobek Ltd. 2020.

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